The Blank Stares

The Blank Stares sprang into being one startlingly hot afternoon in a basement on Mott Street in Manhattan.The year was 1999 and the stars would  not return to that particular alignment for another 3,000 years. Something  mysterious and otherworldly was set into motion that day, something that would alter perceptions of reality for generations to come.

The Blank Stares consists of Carlos DeLeon of the Texas DeLeons. He trained for his eventual staredom by fronting bands such as The Jinkies and Meat Lovers Pizza in Houston and Austin. He sings like an angel and plays an instrument we like to call a guitar.  Tom Galbraith, a Californian laid back dude began to make his mark as the best drummer on Earth in San Francisco bands such as Field Trip and The Mensclub before fleeing to Brooklyn and joining up with the Mink Lungs. He eventually saw his musical voyage was undeniably tethered to The Blank Stares. Tami Gargus began her career as a punk queen in Akron, Ohio (also the birthplace of Chrissie Hynde and Devo) and made herself heard in the bands Stage Leftist, Pestilence and Anti-Social before curbing her anger and jumping on a Greyhound to Cali.  She formed the band Papa Wheelie and joined the west coat bar band circuit where all that energy was channeled into virtuous fun-having and refined merriment.Then, like the others, she was drawn to New York City and her final destiny. 

In 2005 The Blank Stares decided it was their moral duty to expose the West coast to their growing and benevolent power.They now reside in San Francisco, where The Man ain’t so harsh.

Now the Blank Stares come to you with “All Blown Up”.  Recorded immediately after their relocation to the west coast, the album consists of songs written during their time in Manhattan, San Francisco and other travels.  The collection is an eleven song power pop rock storm with explosive fantastical cover art to match.  The band draws from influences as diverse as Big Star, Red Kross, The Flaming Lips, and Teenage Fanclub.  “All Blown Up” was mastered by John Golden who previously mastered albums by Sonic Youth and Chris Isaack.  The Blank Stares are an experience in pure rock joyfulness.