Newborn Naturals


New York City punk rock band Newborn Naturals release their self-titled retrospective LP –
twenty years later, right on time.

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Some of our favorite albums come with a disclaimer: “To Be Played at Maximum Volume”
(Ziggy Stardust);
“This Record Should Be Played Loud”
(Let It Bleed)
—this is one of those.


Alphabet City | Lower East Side | East Village | Brooklyn

1998 – 2004

Newborn Naturals

About the Record

The previously unreleased recordings from New York’s Newborn Naturals finally see the light of day. This cosmic rock and roll bounty is the collaborative output of some 1990s underground rock & roll greats, including founding member of Youngstown, OH art rockers Boogie Man Smash Rob Hudak and PA garage maniacs the dummies’ Mark Henry.

With the benefit of twenty long years between recording and release, this collection avoids the typical snags of the slapdash retrospect to reveal instead a crystalline moment in the life of a band. The distance between us and it is integral to the story of this project we can all now collectively devour.

Download the Press Release

“Ghosts of Ludlow” marries Dead Boys dirgy swagger with unexpected melodicism, “Night Goes On” is a syncopated minor key mini-drama that sounds exactly like 10th St & Avenue B circa 2000, “Crane” is a classic train song: pure chooglin’ pleasure. Elsewhere you’ll find garage rock filtered through a love of early rock n roll and r and b, blues, Television, etc. You know, the good shit.

Newborn Naturals’ short but mighty lifespan on the Lower East Side is both emblematic of the times and an exceptional outburst of cross-pollination. Detroit punk meets The Heartbreakers, high energy meets thoughtful hooks, deep heart meets reckless abandon.

This is the bridge across the gap of actually seeing Joey Ramone on the streets of New York and the next wave: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, LCD Soundsystem, The Strokes—the bands that signified the downtown sound for the half generation later.


Side A

01 Ghosts of Ludlow
02 Price of Candy
03 Night Goes On
04 Shame On You
04 Wood

Side B

06 Mama’s Boy
07 Too Tired, Too Tight
08 Reputation
09 Reputation
10 Bury Me Upside Down

Clockwise from left: Lower East Side Rehearsal; Newborn Naturals at CBGBs; Mark Henry on bass guitar at Brownies; Rob Hudak, Bil Shannon and Alex Feldesman rehearse
Newborn Naturals at the Knitting Factory 2001
Alex in Tompkins Square Park
Mark and the gang outside the Lakeside Lounge, Avenue B and 10th Street
How did this get in here
Mark feeling patriotic on tour in Washington DC
Alex in his East Village apartment proving to us that he will wear a hat
Newborn Naturals fans fix their incredible fashion situation for rockin’
Rob playing for the crowd, on tour in Pittsburgh, PA


Newborn Naturals photos from Mercury Lounge, and Maxwells